Have Your Own Domain Name

Have Your Own Domain Name

When you take your passion seriously, no matter what you think, you just try to make your existence online. To share your ideas, you need a website. To make a website of your choice, you need a good domain name, which gives your business a name. Here I’m sharing some points on why you should have your own domain name.

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Everyone wants a good balance between price and quality. Whether you plan to buy a pen or even a car. When we think of buying cheap domain names, there’re a few market places available who provide all Top-level domains at low costs.

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While you may be looking for the cheapest domain name registrar, sometimes the cheapest isn’t always the best. On the up end side, many trustworthy hosting companies will offer low-cost or even free domain names when you host your website with them.

Just buying domain name is not hard thing, but you need to focus on buying good domain names. In spite of the fact that there isn’t any decide that your area enlistment center and host shouldn’t be the same, however you ought to get the best separately.

In the event that you can locate a decent host somewhere and an extraordinary area enlistment center somewhere else, you should stick your firearms with it. This additionally has a security advantage, as though somebody accesses your facilitating account, your area name will, in any case, be protected.

Well, the “Cheap” word looks completely catchy and it always grabs our attention. Why not? Whenever we try to stick with a new service, price always comes as our principle though. The same thing happens when we choose a domain name or web hosting.


These days so many web hosting companies are offering the domain names for free if you buy a web hosting plan from then, you can select any domain extension of your choice with web hosting package.

Whether you’re starting a new business or have just launched another product, it’s also important to have a quality website. Maybe you’ll spend maximum time perfecting the About page. You’ll also choose the right images; you’ll think long and hard about the text too.

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But while all of that’s important, there’s only one thing that you absolutely cannot leave out if you want to make your mark on the web and that is choosing the right domain name for your website.

Se before, you should consider these things that work from an SEO point of view:

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Make a Keyword Research: By having a keyword that’s relevant to your industry in your website domain name can help your SEO rank. This exactly means that when the audience uses a search engine to find something related to your business, your keyword-centered domain name is more likely to come up higher on the search results page that results in increasing total traffic to your website.

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Properly think about Extension: Your domain name extension can be just as important as the domain name itself. As the extension is also the part that follows the branded term or keyword.

People also view websites with this extension as trustworthy, as .com is one of the most recognizable TLDs available. However, there are a number of other well-known TLDs, such as:

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.org – It is Usually for organizations that work for non-profits.

.info – for sites that provide information.

.net – That provides More technical sites & networking technologies like infrastructure companies.

So, now it’s time to make first move by registering your own domain and start with some blogging. Click on the below image to register with the best name for your domain.