The Beauty of Network Building in our life and Link Building in SEO

Link Building in SEO

A link building in SEO for a website is a kind of relationship building with other websites, which shares common interests.

A couple of weeks back, my neighbor’s uncle was not feeling well because of low sugar, his only son got stuck in the UK as all the international flights were not operating.

It’s a lockdown time even some hospitals were not allowing outside patience (except emergency cases) aunt was clueless she doesn’t know, what to do she rushed to my house, it’s totally tensed situation for her and asked me to do something.


I reminded one of my college friend’s dad, he is a doctor in a well-known hospital in the city and I just made a call to him and explained the situation, after that doctor made every arrangement from taking him to the hospital to getting discharged from there with the complete treatment.

You know, for me it takes just 2 minutes to make a call and do the things, but it takes a year to build and maintain that kind of relationship with my friend from the college days.

And this is the beauty of relationship in everyone’s life.

This is not just about helping the others, but somehow you can also benefits from it in one or the other way.

When you have good relation with the good people, you can see the magic in your life.

Relationship becomes an integral part of every humans life, we can’t survive in the society without good relationship with others. It may be in personal life or even in our work life, relationship always matters.

It’s not possible to build such kind of good relationships in overnight, it needs patience, consistency, transparency in the value what we are providing to others.

So, what is Link Building in SEO?

Link building in SEO refers to the marketing efforts to get links from other websites to your website.

It’s seen as one of the most powerful tools to achieve higher rankings for your site in search engines.

If a lot of high-quality links lead to a certain page, search engines will consider it a popular or meaningful article, and, therefore, they’ll rank it higher.

Link building in SEO is the practice of promoting your website to other website owners with the primary goal of securing a link on their site to your page.

If you have a website and want traffic from search, you need to consistently secure good links from relevant websites.

It means you need link building. Link building in SEO requires strong social skills, excellent communication, persistence, and creativity.

It’s a combination of marketing, sales, and psychology.

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Why do we need Link Building in SEO?

Recent data estimates that the specific page link popularity accounts for 22.33% of the components of Google’s ranking algorithm.

Links are vital to increasing traffic online. A website without links isn’t going to get any traffic — from search, or from other websites.

Links are one of the most valuable things in search engine optimization (SEO). and also building these links are strongest factor in any search engine algorithm rankings.

Links are also important in developing your audience if you secure a link on another website it gives you a chance to get another audience direct access to your website.


Links buildings in SEO plays a huge role in marketing of your site, A link from one website to another is like a vote of trust, it creates positive connections and also develop a relationship with one another.

The Quality of Links will matter not the quantity

Always remember that all links are not equal, it doesn’t matter if you get hundreds of back links.

But you’ll get advantage from the search engine only if the link from a high authoritative site, preferably related to your contents, is worth more than a random link from a small website that nobody knows.

So, if you have website and creating a contents related to tourism, then go and get a link from the high quality website which talk about tourism, rather than getting it from small website, which is not quite popular.

Link building in SEO from a low authoritative sites makes easier for you, but at the same time, it makes it a lot harder to get those coveted high-quality links from a high authoritative sites.

How to build those high-quality links?

This is the million-dollar question, now just think about yourself, what will you do to get a good client for your business, or good customer for your product or services? Are there any shortcuts, obviously no, if you find it then I would say it just for a short time period.

Because all businesses have a long term vision, it’s deciding yourself about your future in the present.

What should you do to get those valuable links, you should create those valuable content that your audience looking for.

Always create high quality, exceptional, funny and original content that people want to share.

This is the primary thing for link building in SEO from high quality sites.

First and foremost, find out who your audience is.

Who are you trying to reach with your content?

What kind of content do they need?

What information are they looking for and what kind of questions do they ask?

Which words do they use?

And, what kind of websites do they visit?

If you can answer these questions, it will be easier for you to create content that fits your audience’s needs.

People will only link from their website to yours if it’s in their audience’s (or their own) interest.

Convincing them to link will only happen if your product or content really is exceptional.

Most of the time, it’s harder than that – you’ve got to do a lot of manual outreach, so that other sites will see your content and give you that coveted link.

As I mentioned earlier, You definitely want to avoid any link building processes or sources that would give you a bad link.

You’ll want to stay away from- Buying links, Article spinning, Forum spam, Blog spam. These practices will not give you a positive result in your link building in SEO process.

When you’re ready to start a link building in SEO campaign, you’ll need to start with a solid analysis of both your own links and your competitors’.

Identify opportunities, then consider the assets at your disposal. Then it’s all about outreach – you’ve got to let those sites or influencers know about your content and why you think they’d find it interesting or valuable.

If you’re building links based on content, that could be any of the following: Text content, Images, Videos, Infographics, Whitepapers, Guides.

The Broken link strategy for link building in SEO

Broken link building is also an effective and best strategy. Sites change and pages disappear all the time.

With this strategy, you’re looking for high quality, authoritative pages that have links pointing to pages that no longer exist – that’s called a broken link.

You will find lot of tools to find those broken links. Once you find those links, then, you go and create a new piece of content that answers the same questions or need.

You reach out to the website and let them know that the link on such a page is broken, but you’ve got a brand new page that would work instead.

You contact the website and ask nicely if they’ll add a link to your site so their users can check you out. Most of the time, it’s incredibly easy to add links with this method.

Once you’ve compiled your list of targets and opportunities, you get to work. Create the content, do your outreach, get the links. It’s a never-ending process, just rinse and repeat it every few months.

So, link building in SEO is a never-ending process, like how we find new people in our life to learn new things. Remember, always try to get a link from the high-quality sites only.

It’s Very Bad to have a Bad Back Link in your Site

It's Very Bad to have a Bad Back Link in your Site

Ordering food from a bad restaurant will affect your health. Same way, A “bad back link” can hurt your site – it could be a spam signal, or in extreme cases, actually, get your site penalized.

You know, I love Pizza, (don’t’s ask me the relationship between Bad links and Pizza, you’ll find it in the end) but I always love to have it from Pizzahut.

I’m sorry here I’m not promoting PizzaHut and degrading other restaurants but it’s all about your requirements about Pizza- Taste, Quality, Hygiene.

These are all common factors. But when I talk about Pizza from one particular restaurant, you know what makes me to have it from Pizzahut, it’s Masala they use and the cheese slice they put on the top and the quantity.

All these things make me get Pizza from Pizzahut. In the end,, I’m completely satisfied.

Similarly, any back links you acquire from spamming blog comments or forums (poor restaurants) are always bad back links. Because it won’t serve your purpose.


You’ve heard the phrase “guilty by association,” right? This is a pretty accurate way to explain how search engines view website back links.

If you’ve got back links from high authority sites, search engines think you must be a high authority website. And your site will get some kind of promotion.

And if you’ve got back links from low authority and spammy websites, well, I think you know where this is going.

Since the Penguin algorithm change in 2012, Google has been cracking down on bad back links in SEO. Essentially, people were paying for back links so they would have higher rankings and higher authority—not okay.

As a result, Penguin was launched. Instead of improving their rankings, this update actually penalized webpages that were associated with these bad back links.

If you get a significant number of back links from foreign language sites, but you’re a local restaurant in India, that’s another bad sign. There’s really no reason for a Restaurant in India to get back links from sites in US.

Can you share your Beer, ill get you soda, let’s both have a drinks party tonight.

It sounds great right, but this sharing strategy will not work for your website back links in SEO.

This is the common habit of most number of people in these days, you follow me, I follow you, you share my post, I’ll share your’s, in social media, but again here also to what extent, google will not allow this to you for such things in your website.

Back in the day, site owners would do the whole “hey, I’ll link to you if you link to me” thing – and it worked.

But these reciprocal back links are incredibly easy for Google to detect, and they’re typically devalued.

A few reciprocal back links won’t hurt you, but if the majority of your back links are reciprocal, then it’s clear that you’re not getting back links because you’ve not got valuable content.

These bad back links are made up of a group of sites from a specific questionable industry that tend to send out lots of back links to unrelated businesses, like online casinos, adult websites, or pharmaceutical sites.

If a site looks shady or is from a shady industry, just avoid getting back links from it. unless it’s topically relevant to what you’re selling.

Remember – it’s all about relevancy when it comes to back links. You could almost say that any back link from a site that’s not related in any way to your site is a bad link.

A small number of bad links won’t hurt you, it’s common for any site to get a few… but if you’ve got a larger proportion of bad links, you’re at risk.

How to find Bad Links?

How do you make a decision on ordering your favorite food from a particular restaurant, obviously it’s your past experience.

But if you are ordering from a new restaurant then, it’s the review from others will matter, once you get your food, you’ll check it’s packing ultimately whether will it match your expectation.

There are both free and paid resources are available to find these bad link, One way to search for these back links is in Google Search Console. There, you can view a list of website that back link to your site.

When looking through the back links, there are several questions you should be asking yourself:

  • What type of website is this? If you notice it is a poor quality site with the minimum number of back links, it may be a bad page to be associated with it.’
  • Does the back link better your business? If the answer is yes—keep it! If you wouldn’t want to be associated with the business your link is coming from—you may want to get rid of it! Always keep an eye on the back links you are getting.
  • Is there an “about” section on the website in which you are getting back links? Often, if a website is hiding something, they will not post any information about their business, then just avoid it, because it’s not a high authority site to get back link.

How to Remove Bad Back links

Getting rid of bad links requires you to first make a list of the webpages you want to be disassociated with.

Then, use the disallow tool in Google Search Console to remove yourself from bad back links.

This process may take a few days for the back links to be completely gone, but will help your website to be authoritative and trusted by users and search engines!

With recent updates to the algorithm, Google says it now simply ignores or devalues bad links instead of actively penalizing sites. 

However, Google adjusts the algorithm on a regular basis, and we never know what changes might come in the future.

The best strategy is to avoid questionable or obviously bad back links altogether, so your link profile looks natural and organic for SEO.

Order food from a good restaurant, and eat healthy to stay safe. Same way, get the back link from a good website and help your site to get healthy back links to stay safe.